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Support / Assistance
Great software can be ineffective if you're not sure how to get the best from it. At Clarity, we appreciate the value of using the system to its full capacity. To assist with this, we offer support at several levels.
  • For assistance with installation and configuration, read the Quick Start Notes, or the first section of the full Instruction Manual.
  • For detail on the main features and benefits of Clarity, read the full Instruction Manual
  • For instruction on each of the pages of Clarity Factfind, click the Help command in the Clarity toolbar.

These three systems should help you to answer your own questions in the majority of cases. However, we appreciate that sometimes your question may be more technically involved, so you can communicate directly with us.

We prefer email communication, so if you have the time please contact us at the address shown below. If possible, include screenshots of any calculations, values or error messages that you need assistance with (press Alt and PrtSc on your keyboard to capture your screen image, then Ctrl and V to paste it into your email message). Email messages are received immediately and in the majority of cases, a reply is made within a couple of hours, often sooner. If the query involves a particular client case, it always helps to include the case file with your email (attach a file in the normal way - the case files are held in C:\ClarityV2\Factfind\Database - replace the 'C' with your network drive letter if you are using Clarity across a network - e.g. Z:\ClarityV2\Factfind\Database).

For subscribers, a mobile telephone number will be provided, in order to access emergency assistance (for example if you are at a client appointment, or if you need to meet a particular deadline). This support is not confined to office hours, although we do request that users only call out of hours in genuine cases of difficulty, that simply cannot wait until the next working day.

Contact Clarity

telephone - 01543 360222

Poplars Farm, Walsall Road, Springhill, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 0BY

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