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While lots of advisers out there spend their time trawling through mountains of paper Factfinds, endlessly attempting to schedule meeting after meeting with their clients in order to use perform an analysis – Clarity’s has developed spreadsheets to help with the repetitive tasks and to automate the more complex procedures. We’ve found that this has increased our efficiency considerably and so now we’re ready to share it.

We’ve identified that the marketing of the fact-finding and report writing system can benefit advisers who have neither the time nor resources to develop their own system. We believe that the Clarity FINANCIAL REPORT is the document that converts the prospect to a client and whilst detailed, it’s also exceptionally easy to read without unnecessary jargon.

Our belief is that our product is not only ultra compliant it is also provides a solution to any potential problems and we’ve successfully achieved this through continual improvement.

So if you want to subscribe to a system which provides compliant, accurate, comprehensive advice in an efficient, but easily understandable manner then Clarity really is the only choice for you. The results should swiftly lead to increased earnings through report fees initially and subsequently through higher case sizes. You can’t argue with that!

But if you’re not technically minded – don’t panic! We understand that not all advisers will be able to use the system “straight out of the box”. So we deliver comprehensive training for advisers, paraplanners and administrators.

So what will Clarity FACTFIND do for me?
It will automatically allow advisers to calculate how gross annual income from all sources becomes a net monthly income. Clarity FACTFIND takes into account unearned income from Banks, Building Societies, own company dividends distribution from other investments and the system works with the employed and self-employed too.

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