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Clarity’s aim is to help advisers provide high quality, compliant advice on a wide range of areas. As well as the obvious subjects of life assurance, investments and pensions, it addresses often-neglected areas such as Income Tax, Bank & Building Society advice, and Inheritance Tax mitigation.

You don’t have to be a financial expert to use this system. Clarity is incredibly user friendly and enables data to be recorded in a logical and easy to follow format. All sections allow for an on-the-spot generic analysis of your clients’ circumstances – and provide you with an incredibly powerful tool for showing the effect of taking professional advice. The result is simple – your client can leave a first meeting with a very accurate picture of the gains or savings that have been identified.

Clarity is designed to be used in front of the client. The layout is simple and logical and its calculations, analysis and particularly the graphs are easily understandable by clients.

Client understanding of the advice process and the methodology employed is at the heart of the FSA’s Treating Customers Fairly initiative. Clarity provides the tools to assist you in meeting your TCF requirements.

Clarity has 14 sections:

    • Personal details
    • Income and taxation
    • Deposit account analysis and recommendation
    • Lump sum investment
    • Regular premium contracts
    • Mortgage & debt
    • Pensions analysis
    • Income protection analysis
    • Long Term Care analysis
    • Life cover analysis
    • Inheritance Tax
    • Priorities and affordability
    • Lifetime cashflow forecast
    • Client Declaration

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