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As with many financial services software applications, Clarity was established by automating the processes and systems employed by a successful financial planning practice. It was designed in 1999 by the IFA and built by the paraplanner. Following interest from other IFAs, the system was made more user-friendly and Clarity Financial Planning Software Ltd was set up in 2000.

Clarity is now used by many IFAs as the cornerstone of their financial planning practice, providing significant time savings and opportunities to charge fees and retainers to clients.

Here’s what some Clarity users say:

"Since joining the network I have stuck to my guns and only used Clarity as my factfinding and presentation tools... I have completed business for just three clients and the total commission has been £74,000..I am currently working on three or four more clients which will generate a further £8,000 - £10,000 commission. I believe I could make even more money if I understood the IHT and Long Term Care elements in greater depth!."
- Adviser

"Thank you for your help in getting us started with the Clarity system. We have just written our biggest case to date, an investment of £655,000. I have been chasing this business for ages and the visual impact of the report and ease of reading made such an impact that the client wrote the cheques out there and then! "
- Adviser

"Many thanks for your time.. I found it immensely useful to utilise the software in client meetings as well as in the advice process generally. Leo's explanation of how to build up the report fee in small increments will repay my time investment many times over."
- Adviser

"I have always been somewhat apprehensive in charging fees for the Clarity IHT Report. However, yesterday I charged a client £100 for producing the report. They had no hesitation in agreeing to pay this amount and feel they would have paid a lot more!"
- Adviser

"Many thanks for the time, effort, patience and hospitality you provided yesterday. I continue to be impressed by not only the Clarity system, but also your willingness to go the distance in supporting users to unlock the systems potential. I always knew what I wanted to do for my clients and now I have the way to achieve it!"
- Adviser

"I must say how impressed we both were with your office and its facilities, but most of all with your patience in explaining our financial matters so clearly. The Financial Planning Report together with the Inheritance Tax analysis and advice deserve the highest praise... we are very grateful for both of them and intend to use them to the full."
- Client

So if you want to subscribe to a system which provides compliant, accurate, comprehensive advice in an efficient, but easily understandable manner then Clarity really is the only choice for you. The results can swiftly lead to increased earnings through ‘success fees’, report fees and subsequently through higher case sizes and improved persistency. You can’t argue with that!

But if you’re not technically minded – don’t panic! We understand that not all advisers will be able to use the system “straight out of the box”. So we deliver comprehensive training for advisers, paraplanners and administrators.

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