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Clarity Team
IFAs don’t ordinarily get excited about computer software - probably because most applications help with diary planning, business tracking and research, but do not assist in acquiring business.

The Clarity package is different because it is far more than just a Factfind. It is a built in needs analysis tool, a fantastic sales tool for client meetings, a searchable database and a report-writing tool too!

“But lots of companies offer that sort of package” we often hear.

This is true, but no other company that we are aware of, offers software that goes as far to help you to discover gains and savings for your client.

Clarity has been designed to help avoid the stigma of being perceived as a “policy flogger”. It allows you to demonstrate with ease, your skills and lateral thinking. It will nearly always help your client to reduce their outgoings or increase their gains, finding money “out of thin air” for them!

Clearly, if you find money for your client that they would not otherwise have had, they are far more likely to purchase an investment or protection product from you. We’re sure you’ll agree!
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